Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yep.. It's official.. I suck at blogging!  I always have the best intentions.  Everytime I finally get around to posting i think to myself, from now on I am going to be so much better!  Obviously I never succeed.. maybe this should be one of my New Years resolutions.

Well of course a lot has happened since I last posted, but most of all we have just been busy with school, work, the holidays, Brade has been soo busy with work! He has been traveling to St. George and working late nights.  I am so thankful for such a great husband that works so hard so that I can go to school and not have to work while I do! What else have we been doing.. oh yes.. physical therapy, MRI'S, chiropractor... Just before Halloween Brade and I were on our way to a pumpkin patch.  We were just about to get onto the freeway in Kaysville when a van pulled out in front of us.  I was looking down at the time and all I remember is something hitting my face.. I didn't know what it was until Braden was yelling at me asking me if I was ok.  Then I realized that we had been in an accident and that the airbag was what had hit my face. When I told him I was ok Braden jumped out of the car and went over to the van to make sure that they were also alright.  I tried to get out of the car but my door was very stuck.  It took all my strength to push open the door.  When I got out I was totally in shock.. so like any rational person I went and sat on the grass. There must have been a police car just behind us because before I even had time to think to call 911 there was a police man there.  A bunch more police came and an ambulance, witnesses filled out reports, and my parents came to pick Braden and I up.  I guess what had happened was the driver of the van was headed east and then was trying to turn left by Arby's and Domino's (any of you familiar with Kaysville).  The car in the left hand lane of traffic headed west was stopped and waved on the van.  The van couldn't see our lane of traffic and pulled out right in front of us.  Brade didn't even have time to react.  Our car hit theirs going 40mph. Luckily Braden and I are both alright!  Braden had put his hand through the windshield and was pulling glass out of his hand for weeks.  We have both had x-rays, but are now going to physical therapy and the chiropracter for our backs and necks.  Things weren't getting any better so we have now done MRI's to see if we can find a problem. Hopefully we will get better soon! But we are so thankful that it wasn't worse and that we are both ok! We feel very blessed!

I can't forget to mention the wonderful Holidays that we enjoyed!  I was so lucky and got a whole month off from school! It was a much needed break! Jordan, Heather and the girls came and stayed at my parents house! We had so much fun, watching Elf (over and over), going to the Tree House, making treats, and just hanging out!  I love it when they are in town.  I miss them so much when they are in Ohio! Since our schedules were a little weird for Christmas this year we decided to have Christmas Eve and Christmas a week early!  It was a lot of fun! I was glad we did it early so that we could watch the girls play with their presents before they left!  
Here is Jadyn in her pink Cinderella dress (the ones the mice make) from Nana 

Jadyn also got a mermaid costume from her mom and dad
(She is quite spoiled!)

Here is me and Hadlee when I got to babysit!

Every year Braden's extended family meets in Richfield to watch the light parade and to have a family Christmas/ Grandmas Birthday party at the bowling alley!  It is a lot of fun to get everyone together! Especially for the bowling, the Henries and the Bendts are very competitive and it gets pretty intense!  Santa also came to the party and everyone got to sit on his lap for pictures and candy! We had a great time!  For Christmas Eve and Christmas we were with Bradens family up at the cabin this year! It was lots of fun and we got very spoiled!
Here is Sharidan and I at the Christmas party.. Like our unibrows?

I have been waiting to post until I got more pictures from Christmas and stuff but that will probably never happen so I decided to move on!
This semester in school we have started seeing patients every Monday and Wednesday and although I love it, I have never been so stressed in my entire life!  We are responsible for having a patient in our chair every day and we have lots of requirements to do while patients are there.  I have had MULTIPLE patients cancel the day before leaving me to freak and stress over who I will treat the next day! Like i said.. stressful.. but it is a lot of fun too and I just have to remember that in just over a year I will be completely done with school! (Then I will just have to worry about finding a job..)

Well Braden's long awaited dream has come true.. For Christmas the Bendts got the whole family a rzr!  If you don't know what this is, it is a large side-by-side ATV.  Braden has wanted one for a long time and it is finally here!  We were able to take it to Little Sahara sand dunes this last weekend and I have to admit it was soo much fun! I was so sick of hearing about this toy and looking at parts that Braden wanted that I had convinced myself that I was going to hate it.. but Braden was right.. it's pretty awesome!  I didn't get any pictures of us at the dunes (I know.. I suck) but here is one just of the rzr!

Well of course yesterday was Valentines Day and I must say I am a very spoiled and lucky girl!! Monday night my daddy brought me some yellow daisies (so bright and fun!) for valentines day and yesterday Bradens parents brought us over a valentines package with lots of candy and a gift card to Tepanyaki's (love)! But the best present was from my wonderful husband!  I have been very stressed and tired with work and with my back not feeling good so lets just say the house has suffered.. so yesterday when I came home from school I was surprised by a totally clean house!  The house was spotless, the laundry was done, and the bed was even made!  I was so relieved and so thankful to my amazing husband who had spent half his day serving me! Then if that wasn't enough Braden surprised me again when he came home with beautiful flowers, balloons, and a hand written letter!
Here are my pretty flowers from Braden!  I love them!

Then last night we decided to use our gift card to Tepanyaki.  Well being Valentines Day it was completely packed!  So I ran in to get us on the waiting list and as I was waiting in line someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked "Aren't you Braden's wife?"  It just so happened that right behind me was some of Braden's old neighbors and really great friends the Hardy's.  Kristen and the boys were going out and had already had their name on the list for an hour, well they were nice enough to add us to their reservation and we got in within like five minutes! It was a valentines miracle!  We had a good time at dinner and the food was amazing!  The rest of the night was also pretty great!  All in all a really wonderful valentines day!
 This is the card that I made for Braden! <3

Thursday, September 29, 2011

An update much overdue!

Well TONS has happened since March.  But I will just hit a few highlights!

First, Braden and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! (Man how time flies!)  For our anniversary we decided to do a quick get away.  So we went to Midway and stayed at the Homestead! It was tons of fun!  We stayed in a newer room that was nice and cozy! We went to dinner at this very delicious restaurant in Midway ( I don't remember the name). The next morning we ate breakfast and got to play 9 holes of golf!  We were supposed to do 18 but I got tired after 9 and they let us get a voucher to come back and do the other 9 another time!
Pulling into the Homestead

Our cute little room

The nice bathroom
Second, I was so happy to have Jordan and Heather and the girls come visit during the summer!  I didn't think that I was going to get to see them until Christmas, but they decided to fly to Utah for a visit!  Of course typical me.. I didn't get many pictures when they were here.  I guess I was just so busy enjoying my time with them.  I wish I had more of Hadlee! She was so cute, and such a chunk!! One fun thing we did was going to Lagoon!  Jadyn loved it!  I didn't know how many rides she would want to go on, but she did them all!  She was so brave! Her most favorite ride was the Tidal Wave!  She wanted to keep going on it over and over again!

 Here is Jadyn's little head poking out of the whale ride, sadly this is the only picture I got!

This year the 4th of July was the big Henrie BBQ so Braden and I were in Richfield.  Braden got off work a couple of days early and we headed down with Sharidan and the boys. 
(SIDE NOTE:  For anyone that doesn't know, Braden had/has a funny relationship with Wade and Sharidan and their family.  Braden was there when Wade first asked Sharidan out. Braden was there for a lot of Wade and Sharidans dating time. Braden was there when Wade and Sharidan brought Griffin home from the hospital and helped out for the first little while. And so on and so on... Pretty much, wherever Wade and Sharidan were, there was Braden.  So, Sharidan's family knows Braden pretty well by now.)

When we go down with Wade and Sharidan to Richfield we stay in Annabelle at Sharidan's moms house.  She is so sweet to always let us stay!  This time we actually got to go to the Anderson Cabin! We had such a good time!  We ate lots of junk, hung out and talked, shot some guns, and went and played in a little stream.  All the kids loved playing in the water, but the two that loved it the most were Briggs and Braden! 

Briggs loved throwing rocks in the stream! We would gather a few for him and he would just pick them up and throw them in, pick them up and throw them in, over and over!  He could have stayed there throwing rocks all day!

The kids wanted to build a little dam so Braden decided to help.  The kids gave up after a short time, but not Braden! He was just working away at the little dam!

The rest of the 4th was great (even if the boys left to play golf)! We did the Richfield parade in the morning. We had dinner at Grandma and Granpa Henrie's with the whole family.  Then we headed to Rob and Deanne's house for floats and fireworks! It was great fun! The Richfield fireworks are the best ever! Plus the neighborhood does their own pretty impressive show.
A couple of weeks later we were back in Richfield for Robyn and Tyson's wedding!  We are so happy for them! 

At the end of July we went to the Katy Perry concert!We had such a blast with Wade, Sharidan, and Natalie!

One of our friends and Bradens co-worker Justin owns a very nice boat!  He is nice enough to let us borrow it every once in a while!  So at the beginning of August we took the boat for a week up to the cabin and Jordanelle!  We had a lot of people come visit!  Most people could only come for a day so we had different people with us everyday!  We had such a good time!
Braden wake boarding

Blenda, Stormy, and I  tubing

Kaylee, Ashley, and Amy

One weekend at the end of August Braden was doing a dealer trade for his dad.  He had to drive a car to Rigby and bring a car back.  Well my daddy was out of town so we decided to invite my momma along for the ride!  We were just going to go straight there and straight back.  Then Braden got this great idea that we should go to Jackson Hole.  Well story of my life, we were very unprepaired.  We had to find the distribution center to get underwear, find an All-A-Dollar to buy toothbrushes, then we bought sweats in Jackson.  We really had a great time! We shopped and went to dinner in Jackson. 

The next morning my momma took us to the girls camp that she used to go to when she was younger. You can also go there for family reunions and such. I had been here before but not since I was little and had always wanted to return.  My grandpa had built a GIANT slide there.  So we went down the slide a few times(thats all you can do since climbing the stairs is such a workout), and swung on the giant swings.

Braden going down the slide

 Momma and I swinging

My momma also took us to a lake that she used to camp and boat at.  Hopefully we can go back and camp as a family again.

We recently got back from Lake Powell.  Justin is so awesome and let us take the boat again!  We brought Rodger and Cortney and met up with Colby, Heather, and Colby's family and friends. We had a pretty good time.  I can't wait to go back again! I just love Lake Powell!

Probably my most favorite part of the Lake Powell trip was how I got there.  Braden left Thursday with Rodger and Cortney.  Unfortunately,  I couldn't leave until Friday due to school.  So, Braden arranged to have his uncle Rob pick me up at the Bountiful Skypark and FLY me to Lake Powell! It was so awesome!  I had never ridden in such a little plane!  Rob was so awesome and kept telling me how things worked and where were at and such!  It was so pretty to fly first over the city, then the mountains, then over the desert! 
Thanks Rob for the ride!

Well last but definitely not least I started Weber States Dental Hygiene Program this fall! I already love it! It is so much fun! The girls (and 2 boys) in my class are so awesome! It's a lot of work and sometimes very stressful but I konw it's worth it!
This last weekend was Utah Dental Hygiene Association Convention at the Little America
Karlie, Kristen and I at convention

Mckinlei, Karlie, Olivia, Kayla, Me and Megan

I am so excited for the rest of the program! So far we have learned how to probe, explore, and next week we will learn to scale! I will continue to update on my progress in the program!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Life seems to move so fast that I just can't keep up.  March has been very busy for
Braden and I. Braden has been to Maddison Wisconsin and is in Phoenix for the last time!  I'm so ready for him to stop traveling!  We both have been really busy working.  I have been able to pick up extra hours at my dental office and Braden has been working around the clock with insurance.  We both love it though!  We feel so lucky to both have good jobs that we enjoy!

Last Friday Braden and I went on a spur of the moment trip down to Richfield to see Bradens Grandma and Grandpa Henrie!  Braden had flown in at one in the morning on Friday and then after work we just decided it was time for another visit! We have such a good time staying with Grandma and Grandpa Henrie!  As we were leaving we called Wade who told us that his wife Sharidan and the kids had decided to go down earlier that day!  Punky and Beau were already there too!  By the time we got to Richfield it was like nine o clock at night. Bradens family has a tradition of doing Denny's runs at night when they all get together. So me, Braden, Punky, Carter, Beau and Sharidan all went to Denny's! 
 The next day Braden and I took Grandma and Grandpa to Raymond and Roma's new house in Antimoney! It was so fun to see them and see their new place!  We loved it there and we could tell they really loved it too!  It just so happened that Tianna and Gavin and their kids were there visiting Raymond and Roma!  While we were there Braden kept saying he wanted to go fishing, so Raymond let him borrow a pole and we took Ty (Tianna's boy) down the road so they could fish.  I stayed in the car most of the time cuz it was very windy and cold.  After a little while I saw Ty running towards me,  he jumped the fence that they had climbed over and ran up to my door.  He told me to hurry and come see the fish that Braden had caught.  Now Braden and I have been fishing together before and hadn't really caught anything so I was expecting a little baby fish, but boy was I surprised when this is what I saw:
Braden is so proud of his fish!
When we got back from fishing Raymond took us in his truck to go find some elk.  We ended up seeing about twenty-five elk and tons of deer!  It was pretty exciting!
The next day we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa Henrie and afterwards went to dinner at Robin and Deann's house.  Wade had driven down the night before to be with his wife and kids and we all ate dinner together!  What was originally just a spur of the moment trip ended up being a big family reunion weekend!

Backing up to February I never got to brag about what a good husband I have! I was supposed to get this on Valentines Day, but of course being me I ruined my surprise!  So I got it the night before Valentines Day
Balloons, a card, flowers, a shirt (it says "Give me what I want" haha) and in the box is a bracelet that braden made while he was on his mission!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So behind!

Wow! I can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted! Sorry there aren't any I've said a million times... We are going to get better at taking pictures! So lets start from the beginning...Christmas! This was our very first Christmas as a married couple! For Christmas Eve we went up to Bradens families cabin for dinner and opening presents.  Bradens parents gave everone sweats (I wear mine pretty much all day everyday).  We also got Electronic Monopoly, and the family got the new XBox Kinect (So FUN)!  Christmas morning Braden and I got up really early to make it to my parents for breakfast and opening more presents.  I was so surprised and excited when we opened our presents, my parents gave us the Willow Tree nativity set! I have always loved to put the nativity set up at my parents house and have hinted A LOT that I wanted the same set that my mom has.  I love it!

The week before New Years Eve we spent a lot of time up at the cabin.  Bradens little "cousins" Amy, Ashley, and Kaylee came up to visit for the week.  We had a really good time with the girls!  We spent a lot of time playing Dance Central on the Kinect.  We always love when the girls come to visit!  We just love them!  For New Years Eve our friends Rodger and Courtney came up to the cabin. we played games and went sledding behind the fourwheelers   Later that night Wade and Sharidan also showed up! The next day we went tubing in Midway and had a blast!

January has been... interesting. Braden started his training to get his own American Family Insurance Agency.  He is now a full blown agent, and will get his own office within the next year or two.  All this is great news, unfortunately however, Bradens training is in Phoenix.  He leaves every monday and comes home every Friday.  I did get to go with him one week and we had so much fun!  It was nice to have weather in the 70's instead of the 30's.  We went out to eat a lot, went shopping (amazing shopping in Phoenix), and one night we even had one of Bradens friends take us to the clubs to experience the night life of Phoenix.  Of course we were the only ones not drinking, but it was fun to people watch (one of my favorite past times)!  Finally, Braden is almost done.  He is gone this week and then only two day next week and then he won't have to be gone again until March! :-)

This past weekend was really fun!  Friday night I got to go out with two of my best friends Kelsi and Mari.  Mari is getting married in a couple weeks, and Kelsi just got engaged and is getting married in May!  We had a lot of fun at dinner and chatting about all the fun things they are planning!  The next night Braden and I got to babysit Wade and Sharidan's kids while they went to dinner.  We love watching Griffin, Tahj, and Briggs!  Briggs is such a crack up.. during the few hours we watched him he ran into a mirror and smacked into Braden's leg while he was playing the Kinect, Briggs flew half way across the room!  Sunday night was my night alone with Braden!  So for dinner I set up our little coffee table with chinese plates and chopsticks and a griddle and Braden and I had our very own Tepanyaki style dinner.  We had chicken, steak, onions, zuccini, and mushrooms and we cooked it all as we went!  It was so much fun!

That's all for now!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Cruise!

This year for Christmas Bradens parents gave us a cruise! We went with Bradens parents, his brother Camren and his cousin Punky (Robyn)! It was so much fun! We left out of Puerto Rico and visited St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Marten!  I loved every place we went!  We also had lots of fun on the cruise boat, but most of those pictures were on another camera.
First Island, St. Thomas.  Bradens family has been on a lot of cruises over the years so they know where the good spots are.  From St. Thomas we took a ferry over to St. John to this amazing beach!  It's rated like the second best beach in the world.  It was so pretty with the blue water and the white sand! Definitely the prettiest beach that we visited the whole trip! 

While we were there we went snorkeling!

Here is Punky! It was so much fun to have her on the trip with us

Even Amber got in the water!

Weird coincidence.. our good friends Rodger and Cortney ended up being on the exact same cruise with us! We didn't even realize it until both of us had booked the cruise!

Then there was formal night

One of the bar waiters made Punky a rose out of napkins! He was awesome and he came back everynight to teach us new tricks!

The second island that we visited was Barbados!  I really loved Barbados! We had an awesome cab driver names Nigel who took us all around the island on a little tour and then to the beach!  We got to see some fun places like where Rhianna grew up, where Tiger Woods got married, and a bunch of places that celebs stay at when they visit.

On our drive we saw some wild monkies that we got to get up close to

We got to see the oldest church on the island

Then we went snorkeling again with the fish and sea turtles!

Also at the beach we went waverunning on the ocean!

Third island.. St. Lucia!  The whole day was taken up by one thing.. Ziplining! It was awesome to zipline through the rainforest! We looked super cute in our hair nets and helmets!

The fourth island was St. Kitts!  We hired another driver for the day, he called himself Dr. Elvis.  He took us all around the island, but my favorite part of the island was the people had pet monkies that they would let you take pictures with!  Now I want a pet monkey! Love them!

The monkey is eating my sunglasses! 

St. Kitts also had a really beautiful garden that we stopped at

The last island we went to was St. Marten! Wow did we have an interesting time there!
We visited a partially nude beach, rented a dune buggy, and went parasailing!
(I'll refrain from posting the pictures of us by the nude beach sign haha)

I'm so excited/nervous to parasail

Braden in the dune buggy!

Overall we had an amazing trip and did some amazing things!  Thanks Amber and Steve for a great vacation!