Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yep.. It's official.. I suck at blogging!  I always have the best intentions.  Everytime I finally get around to posting i think to myself, from now on I am going to be so much better!  Obviously I never succeed.. maybe this should be one of my New Years resolutions.

Well of course a lot has happened since I last posted, but most of all we have just been busy with school, work, the holidays, Brade has been soo busy with work! He has been traveling to St. George and working late nights.  I am so thankful for such a great husband that works so hard so that I can go to school and not have to work while I do! What else have we been doing.. oh yes.. physical therapy, MRI'S, chiropractor... Just before Halloween Brade and I were on our way to a pumpkin patch.  We were just about to get onto the freeway in Kaysville when a van pulled out in front of us.  I was looking down at the time and all I remember is something hitting my face.. I didn't know what it was until Braden was yelling at me asking me if I was ok.  Then I realized that we had been in an accident and that the airbag was what had hit my face. When I told him I was ok Braden jumped out of the car and went over to the van to make sure that they were also alright.  I tried to get out of the car but my door was very stuck.  It took all my strength to push open the door.  When I got out I was totally in shock.. so like any rational person I went and sat on the grass. There must have been a police car just behind us because before I even had time to think to call 911 there was a police man there.  A bunch more police came and an ambulance, witnesses filled out reports, and my parents came to pick Braden and I up.  I guess what had happened was the driver of the van was headed east and then was trying to turn left by Arby's and Domino's (any of you familiar with Kaysville).  The car in the left hand lane of traffic headed west was stopped and waved on the van.  The van couldn't see our lane of traffic and pulled out right in front of us.  Brade didn't even have time to react.  Our car hit theirs going 40mph. Luckily Braden and I are both alright!  Braden had put his hand through the windshield and was pulling glass out of his hand for weeks.  We have both had x-rays, but are now going to physical therapy and the chiropracter for our backs and necks.  Things weren't getting any better so we have now done MRI's to see if we can find a problem. Hopefully we will get better soon! But we are so thankful that it wasn't worse and that we are both ok! We feel very blessed!

I can't forget to mention the wonderful Holidays that we enjoyed!  I was so lucky and got a whole month off from school! It was a much needed break! Jordan, Heather and the girls came and stayed at my parents house! We had so much fun, watching Elf (over and over), going to the Tree House, making treats, and just hanging out!  I love it when they are in town.  I miss them so much when they are in Ohio! Since our schedules were a little weird for Christmas this year we decided to have Christmas Eve and Christmas a week early!  It was a lot of fun! I was glad we did it early so that we could watch the girls play with their presents before they left!  
Here is Jadyn in her pink Cinderella dress (the ones the mice make) from Nana 

Jadyn also got a mermaid costume from her mom and dad
(She is quite spoiled!)

Here is me and Hadlee when I got to babysit!

Every year Braden's extended family meets in Richfield to watch the light parade and to have a family Christmas/ Grandmas Birthday party at the bowling alley!  It is a lot of fun to get everyone together! Especially for the bowling, the Henries and the Bendts are very competitive and it gets pretty intense!  Santa also came to the party and everyone got to sit on his lap for pictures and candy! We had a great time!  For Christmas Eve and Christmas we were with Bradens family up at the cabin this year! It was lots of fun and we got very spoiled!
Here is Sharidan and I at the Christmas party.. Like our unibrows?

I have been waiting to post until I got more pictures from Christmas and stuff but that will probably never happen so I decided to move on!
This semester in school we have started seeing patients every Monday and Wednesday and although I love it, I have never been so stressed in my entire life!  We are responsible for having a patient in our chair every day and we have lots of requirements to do while patients are there.  I have had MULTIPLE patients cancel the day before leaving me to freak and stress over who I will treat the next day! Like i said.. stressful.. but it is a lot of fun too and I just have to remember that in just over a year I will be completely done with school! (Then I will just have to worry about finding a job..)

Well Braden's long awaited dream has come true.. For Christmas the Bendts got the whole family a rzr!  If you don't know what this is, it is a large side-by-side ATV.  Braden has wanted one for a long time and it is finally here!  We were able to take it to Little Sahara sand dunes this last weekend and I have to admit it was soo much fun! I was so sick of hearing about this toy and looking at parts that Braden wanted that I had convinced myself that I was going to hate it.. but Braden was right.. it's pretty awesome!  I didn't get any pictures of us at the dunes (I know.. I suck) but here is one just of the rzr!

Well of course yesterday was Valentines Day and I must say I am a very spoiled and lucky girl!! Monday night my daddy brought me some yellow daisies (so bright and fun!) for valentines day and yesterday Bradens parents brought us over a valentines package with lots of candy and a gift card to Tepanyaki's (love)! But the best present was from my wonderful husband!  I have been very stressed and tired with work and with my back not feeling good so lets just say the house has suffered.. so yesterday when I came home from school I was surprised by a totally clean house!  The house was spotless, the laundry was done, and the bed was even made!  I was so relieved and so thankful to my amazing husband who had spent half his day serving me! Then if that wasn't enough Braden surprised me again when he came home with beautiful flowers, balloons, and a hand written letter!
Here are my pretty flowers from Braden!  I love them!

Then last night we decided to use our gift card to Tepanyaki.  Well being Valentines Day it was completely packed!  So I ran in to get us on the waiting list and as I was waiting in line someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked "Aren't you Braden's wife?"  It just so happened that right behind me was some of Braden's old neighbors and really great friends the Hardy's.  Kristen and the boys were going out and had already had their name on the list for an hour, well they were nice enough to add us to their reservation and we got in within like five minutes! It was a valentines miracle!  We had a good time at dinner and the food was amazing!  The rest of the night was also pretty great!  All in all a really wonderful valentines day!
 This is the card that I made for Braden! <3

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